Whoever has completed any of the Ribbons 5 times will get to wear this very unique badge. The colors of completed Ribbons do not matter, it can be mixed. Achieving this award demonstrates knowledge, experience and a determination that is unparalleled. And maybe a certain madness…


Samuel Laében Rosén crossed the finish line on October 5 in Grövelsjön after his third Green Ribbon and his two White Ribbons. Samuel has proven himself to be a modern variant of hobo/vagabond who has taken on the challenge of the Ribbons in a delightfully, relaxed way.

His motivation for pulling out on Ribbons is "Because I like it!"
It doesn't have to be more difficult than that.

On 8 September, Peter Bergström came back to Grövelsjön again, after turning at Treriksröset. He started at the same location on June 25. In doing so, he becomes the second to have completed five Ribbons. He was also first with a yo-yo (ie back and forth) on the Green Ribbon.

Peter also has a huge list of other hikes, including the PCT (Pacific Crest Trail) - and the list seems to keep growing...

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Lina Hallebratt, Högåsen Jämtland, became the very first mountaineer to receive her much-deserved five times diploma and five x badge.

Having completed her fourth White Ribbon in the winter of 2020 as well as having a previous Green Ribbon, she had completed the feat five times
(+ a few more times...).

Lina was named Adventurer of the Year in 2015, as well as in 2020 for her various tours. www.aretsaventyrare.se.
She also became the first with a yo-yo on the White Ribbon, during her turn in 2021.

Lina spends 6-8 months of the year out on various adventures. Usually with some of their dogs.

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