Photo: ATI Mountain Experience

Book your emergency satellite messenger here!

Implementing The White or The Green ribbon is a challenge both physically and mentally, at the same time you are exposed to the whims of nature.

There is sometimes a long way to help and mobile coverage is very limited, so preparing for the worst while hoping for the best is a good philosophy. Therefore, emergency transmitters with satellite contact are a requirement. Which supplier or model you choose is completely voluntary.

But, to make your adventure as safe as possible and to facilitate, we have chosen to cooperate with Fjällcom to offer the highest security to the best economy. 25% discount for those who carry out any of the ribbons.

In recent years, satellite communications have evolved and today there are satellite devices that are made exactly for this type of adventure. We choose to recommend two-way satellite messenger InReach, manufactured by Garmin - which uses IRIDIUM satellite networks (twice as many satellites than corresponding systems), it allows sending and receiving messages alongside the SOS button. Inreach comes in three different models- InReach Mini, InReach SE and InReach Explorer.

We recommend Fjällcom satellite SOS. It is a company with many years of experience all over the world, with friendly professional service on site in Sweden.

Discount code is obtained upon notification.