Photo: Rianne Dasselaar with Jussi. Rödfjället. Vita Bandet 2016

The White & Green Ribbon

Our Scandinavian mountain range with its more than 1300 km offers most of what many would call real wilderness. To traverse its length by your own steam has become a classic.  Its completion is proof of mountain knowledge and experience, but also of good judgement, endurance and friendship.

The idea of the White and Green Ribbons is that the walkers/skiers travel by their own power from Grövelsjön in southern Swedish mountains to the point where Sweden, Norway and Finland meet in the north, Treriksröset/the cairn of three kingdoms. Or vice versa. The trip should be implemented as a continuous tour without longer breaks and without external help (e.g. food driven out by snowmobile etc. to the skier). The tour can be conducted all year round. The colour of the Ribbon indicates the season in which the tour has been conducted.

This is not a competition since there is no time limit set for how long the tour may take. To avoid overly strict rules there are few restrictions on means of transport, except that you must pass west of a number of sites and that the tour must be non motorized. The use of dogs, kites or other methods are permitted but will be logged as such.

The challenge requires both physical and mental strength, as well as a sound approach to safety. Since it is up to each walker/skier to conduct the tour entirely on their own terms, it will bring an amazing experience for the rest of their lives. However, the severity should therefore not be underestimated.If you lack experience, you should rather start with a course at a recognized trainer.

Our mountains are a source of fantastic adventures and experiences, unique for everyone travelling through them. The jury's hope is to increase the interest for long mountain trips and raise the status of mountain tours. The ambition and the hope is also to raise important issues, like the right of public access and the preservation and development of our mountain trails.

The White and Green Ribbon (Swedish Fjällfararnas Vita & Gröna Band) were created during the “Around Sweden expedition” in 1997, when Torkel and Annica Ideström travelled under their own steam around the country. 

The tour started on skis at Treriksröset, the point where Norway, Finland and Sweden meet. The couple skied south to the small village Grövelsjön (southern part of Swedish mountains) then cycled down to Svinesund (boarder between Norway and Sweden) to start the Seapaddlers Blue Ribbon. In Haparanda the kayaks was exchanged again for bikes, for the cycle back to Treriksröset, where the circle was completed. 

Since the Seapaddlers Blue Ribbon has been a recognized challenge for many years, it felt natural to have a counterpart for the mountains. Two different variants, one for the winter and one for summer were started.

Welcome to take the challenge!