By confirming your registration for the White or Green Ribbon (VGB), you accept our terms and conditions and our privacy policy.
You also agree that we will use digital communication channels to send information to you.
You further agree that you have read and understood the rules and certify that you will adhere to them to become an approved Ribboner after completing the tour.

Terms & Conditions

These terms apply between Fjällfararnas Vita & Gröna Band (VGB) and you, who accept the agreement with VGB as stated in the confirmation (the Ribboner).
As a Ribboner, you must follow all of VGB's basic RULES, be a good ambassador for the mountains as both nature and cultural landscapes and be aware that you undertake your tour at your own risk.
The registration becomes binding once you have paid the registration fee for the current Ribbon and VGB has confirmed your registration.
As a Ribboner, you need to carefully check the registration confirmation as soon as it arrives. Any inaccuracies should be reported directly to VGB.
To register, you must be at least 18 years old as a Ribboner, or your registration must be approved by your legal guardian.
Your registration is personal and cannot be transferred to another person.
Any cancellations or changes are made via the profile page (link) where you log in with your email address and the password provided in your registration confirmation.
A registered and paid tour can be postponed for one year (365 days) at no cost. For a longer period, a new registration and payment must be made.
As a Ribboner, you must always be able to present your member card (Cardskipper) when using your discounts for equipment, accommodation etc.
For any complaints, please contact VGB directly. If you, as a Ribboner and VGB cannot agree, you may refer the matter to the National Board for Consumer Disputes.
If VGB becomes aware that you have demonstrably violated any of the  rules, VGB has the right to invalidate your registration and your tour within the framework of VGB. In such cases, VGB also has the right to invalidate an approved Ribbon.
Within reasonable limits, VGB may change the terms of your registration due to external cost increases, even after the agreement has become binding for the parties.
VGB is not responsible for any incorrect information or promises from third parties.
VGB reserves the right to legal and price changes beyond VGB's control.
In the event that the registration cannot be carried out due to obstacles beyond VGB's control, and which VGB could not have anticipated when the agreement was entered into and whose consequences could not have been avoided or overcome, VGB is exempt from liability for damages or other consequences (according to Force Majeure).

Handling of personal data

 VGB stores the Ribboners' personal data for the following purposes:
·      to administer registration,
·      to manage the distribution of information such as benefits, certificates, and other related to the current tour,
·      as a basis for statistics.
The primary communication channels used are email, mail, and the Cardskipper app.
The personal data required to administer Ribboners' registration and participation are name, date of birth (year/month/day), postal address, email address, telephone number. Other information may be added voluntarily.
VGB's register is managed only by authorized signatories at Fjällfararnas Vita & Gröna Band AB. VGB stores Ribboners' personal data in its digital participant register and takes all reasonable technical and organizational measures to ensure secure handling of personal data.
According to the General Data Protection Regulation, Ribboners has the right to get all personal data deleted when the information is no longer necessary for the purpose it was collected. Upon the Ribboner's request, VGB deletes all personal data, and the Ribboner then also relinquishes the possibility of appearing in VGB's external channels. The request must be personally signed, with complete personal and contact information, and sent in writing to VGB (at the address below).

Ribboner has the right to receive information annually and free of charge about the handling of their personal data. The request must be personally signed, with complete personal and contact information, and sent in writing to the address below:
Fjällfararnas Vita & Gröna Band AB
Östra Vålådalen 118
837 75 Vålådalen
Requests for register information via email will not be processed.
VGB does not transfer Ribboners' personal data to third parties without Ribboner's explicit consent.
Ribboner has the right to correct inaccurate or incomplete information about themselves. The request can be made digitally via email to VGB or directly on Ribboner's profile page.