Depots and other service spots along the mountain chain

There are a number of depot stops and other services along the Treriksröset to Grövelsjön stretch.

Here you can find suggestions for places to buy food, gas and other things, places to send depot packages to, to dry and wash stuff and suggestions for accommodation along the way. Although still only in Swedish, sorry.

We are not responsible for any changes at each location, so you may in some cases want to double check. Feel free to notify us of any changes or possible new depots and other things at and we will adjust on an ongoing basis!

It can of course be convenient to send storage boxes in advance if you know you need something specific along the way, but it can perhaps be a bit tricky from abroad. And, remember that most of the supplies that you will need can actually be bought along the way. In addition, in that way you support the shops in sparsely populated areas!

Good luck with your planning!