Photo: Cisco Lorenz, White ribbon 2018


Honored mountain hikers of White and / or Green Ribbon!
Our warmest congratulations that you have carried out the long hike, skiing, cycling or otherwise taken for your own machine, through our fantastic mountain range!
In order for you to get your diploma, we also need to know a part about your trip and above all know that you have followed the rules.
Therefore, we would like to answer the questions below and send them to us within two weeks of your finish. Write briefly and clearly.
It is also useful to refer to any website or blog if there are answers to the questions there. It is then important that you speak exactly on what page the answers to the question are, special dates etc. so we can easily find the information.
For those who performed the White / Green Band together, it's good that you report together, except for questions that you think and / or have experienced different. For these you can write your initials in brackets before the answer.
We are really looking forward to reading your descriptions and stories - most fun of all - to send a diploma and a patch to you, if you meet the criteria!
Your name will, as soon as possible, be placed in Hall of Fame at STF Grövelsjöns Fjällstation.

Elin Svensson, Green Ribbon 2017 Elin Svensson, Green Ribbon 2017

PS. If you have any nice pictures or movies from your trip you can share with us. Then we are very grateful. Upload them via this link DROPBOX. Please name your files. See example.
You hereby allow us to use these for marketing and information related to the White & Green Ribbon, together with the name of the photographer.

How you attach your patch.

Step 1:
Determine location. Heat the iron to about 180 degrees (corresponding to 2 dots).

Step 2:
Heat the substrate by placing the iron on the base where the patch is to be attached for 5 seconds.

Step 3:
Place the patch on the hot surface ...

Step 4:
... place baking paper or similar between the iron and the patch as protection.

Step 5:
Place the iron over the patch and press hard for 30 seconds.

Step 6:
Remove the iron and baking sheet.
NOTE! Allow the patch to be stuck for 24 hours to ensure that the glue is firmly attached!