Backpackinglight is a small company based in Umeå, Sweden. We're obsessed with ultralight gear.

The company is owned and run by Kenneth Shaw and Marcus Falck. We do not hire a large PR firm, an external customer service or call center for that matter. We have no pricing bots, directors or foreign owners. We are simply a small company with big ambitions. Our goal is to offer the world's best outdoor equipment at a reasonable price to customers in Sweden and throughout Europe. To do this, we must ensure that our customers are the most satisfied customers in Europe. We go the extra mile for our customers. We don't always succeed, but we do the best we can.

Hestra is a glove company with a long history.
The family business Martin Magnusson & Co was founded in 1936 and is run today by the third and fourth generation Magnusson. Design and development takes place at the head office in the Småland town of Hestra, Sweden.

The gloves are manufactured in our own factories and we buy the leather, fabric, lining and other materials ourselves. We thus have good control over the production chain and can ensure high quality. Several of the company's models are also made by hand by Europe's most experienced glove makers.

For over 50 years, Hilleberg the Tentmaker has developed, tested and manufactured their tents in Europe. Outdoor enthusiasts around the globe choose Hilleberg tents for their strength, light weight and high quality. All Hilleberg tents are built with double wall construction, poles on the outer tent, and outer tent fabrics with a very high tear strength. These characteristics act as insurance against unforeseen circumstances and provide a high margin of safety for every user. No matter the location, the weather or the user, a Hilleberg tent can be trusted, always.

Lundhags - Mad about nature since 1932. Lundhags was founded by Jonas Lundhag in 1932 on Frösön in Jämtland. He was a shoemaker and had a vision to make really nice boots, adapted to our Swedish mountain environment and that would last a lifetime - preferably longer. We have carried on Jonas' legacy and today Lundhags manufactures and develops boots, clothing and backpacks for hiking and outdoor life, based on the same vision that Jonas once had.

Our purpose is to engage people to live a sustainable life in nature and make nature possible for more people. We do this by inspiring and offering durable, durable products that last a long time and can be repaired. Our products are developed for skiing expeditions as well as long hikes, all year round. At the beginning of 2023, we launched our new lightweight backpacks with a focus on carrying comfort – it should be easy to carry heavy. And far. 

Drytech is based in Tromsø, north of the Arctic Circle, in Norway. The REAL Turmat meals (also known as REAL Expediton Meals) are made mostly from fresh natural Norwegian ingredients and are carefully freeze-dried. Drytech has developed its own freeze-drying process, which is designed to retain as much of the meal's natural taste, aroma, appearance and nutrition as possible.

STF is a non-profit membership association that works to ensure that everyone has access to Sweden's nature and culture, today and in the future. This requires, among other things, better opportunities for sustainable tourism, good accommodation around the country, that we guard the rights of all people and, not least, inspiration and guidance for new adventures.

The great thing about Sweden is that there is always more to discover, and our work never ends. Every year we arrange thousands of courses and activities at our facilities, and in the association's many local branches. Our goal is to be a clear voice for important environmental issues. We protect the Swedish environment, and want it to remain for future generations. Where the road ends, those who want to discover more should be able to continue forward.

Topo Athletic was founded in 2013 by Tony Post, but the story really began 40 years earlier, on a running track in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Born and raised in Colorado, Tony went on to attend college in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where he joined the athletics team which sparked his passion for running. He had the ambition to always train harder and run faster. Unfortunately, his running career was marred by injuries, overtraining, and poor running shoes. Like many other runners, he began working in the shoe industry and started learning everything he could about making shoes.

After nearly 30 years in the industry, Tony knew something was missing from the market –va shoe that allowed runners to enjoy the benefits of Natural Running while maintaining the best parts of a traditional running shoe. With the goal of delivering the absolute best Natural Running shoes on the market, he started his own shoe brand. This is today Topo Athletic. Founded with common sense, simplicity, comfort, for runners seeking a more natural running experience.

Woolpower manufactures warm underwear and mid-layer garments in our proprietary material Ullfrotté Original. We manufacture all our products in Sweden. In our factory in Östersund, we do everything from knitting and preparing materials to sewing, packing and stocking. We have specialized in manufacturing functional products that withstand extreme weather conditions, sudden weather changes and different activity levels. Our clothes should be the first choice for people who spend a large part of their time outdoors and want to feel safe with their equipment. 

Jämtkraft has produced power from renewable sources since it was founded in 1889, when we lit the first streetlights in Östersund. At that time, our primary focus was to ensure the lights would shine. Today, our main priority is to ensure that electricity comes from renewable sources.
We harness our primal power from the sun, wind, water, and forests. Jämtland is abundant in rich forests, fresh winds, flowing water, and even sunlight shines at our latitudes.
Our goal is to deliver energy that improves people's lives. For us, this means renewable energy, smart energy solutions, and sustainable relationships. Our operations aim to contribute to the well-being of people in our own region and throughout the rest of the world.


Calazo Förlag publishes guidebooks, instruction books and maps for various types of outdoor activities. From the beginning, we focused the books solely on areas within the country, but today we also have some books on foreign hiking areas. We are the only one in the country to have as a business idea selling books and maps in outdoor shops.

Since 2010, we have been publishing mountain maps and terrain maps on the fantastic material tyvek. Tyvek is completely insensitive to water, incredibly durable and resistant to all types of wear and tear. In the comparisons we have made between different materials, we have concluded that tyvek is preferable. Out on tour, it's the smoothest of all the materials available and holds the color in the folds better than anything else we've tried.

For several years now, Fjällcom has been offering various satellite solutions for rental to those who choose to take on the White or Green Ribbon. Using a satellite transmitter, you can communicate and share your position out in the wilderness – where a smartphone without coverage isn't much use. We also have satellite phones for those of you who want to be able to talk more, as well as our own map app where loved ones can follow your adventure from home. Is the accident coming? With a simple press of your transmitter's SOS button, you get immediate help from our customer service, which is available 24/7.

Of course, equipment cannot replace knowledge and experience. But some things are beyond our control, suddenly the unthinkable can happen and then it is important to take quick action. No matter where in the world you are, Fjällcom can help you find a safe satellite solution that suits you and your needs. Your safety is our priority!

There are many preconceived and incorrect opinions about mountain sledges and pulkas and our vision is to change them! We see many people who use sleds that are too small and too narrow, resulting in sleds with a high center of gravity that easily overturn and dig in. That's why we created Jemtlander - a sled system for stable, safe and easily packed transport in the wilderness!

Jemtlander is a Swedish product. Most of it is manufactured and developed in Jämtland, close to the mountains and large forest areas. Included components are supplied by companies in or near Östersund, except for some parts that are bought in from nearby regions.

Since its inception in 1995, Utsidan has been the largest digital meeting place for outdoor enthusiasts. Discover our articles, discuss in forums, share photos and tracks, read and write reviews for equipment, or buy/sell used.

On Utsidan, you can also find all the routes of the White and Green Ribbons from many years ago. Follow your friends, or plan your own route by studying other people's routes.

Jämtland's fastest printing company. Printed matter, large format and trade fair material.

Welcome to Printson in Östersund, Jämtland's fastest printing company. We never stand still here. For us, expressions like many balls in the air, short pucks and being on your toes are not worn-out clichés - they are our everyday life.

We want you as a customer to feel that it is easy to hire us, that we deliver the printed matter quickly and that we never skimp on quality. We print everything from single business cards to a couple of thousand brochures, everything from student signs to window decorations and everything from small round stickers to long narrow banners. Always with the motto "no problem!".