Weather stations and webcams along the Swedish mountain range

Sweden is a long country and so is the mountain range with its approximately 1300 kilometers. There can be big differences between the snow and weather conditions in the southern parts of the mountain range compared to the northern parts, and between Grövelsjön and Treriksröset.
Below you'll find selected webcams that are set up along the Swedish mountain range. (Sources: Fjällsäkerhetsrådet and

Norrbotten region mountains 
Riksgränsen (webcam)
Kebnekaise/Kebnetjåkka (weather station + webcam)
Kebnekaise fjällstation (webcam)
Adolfström (webcam)

Västerbotten region mountains
Hemavan/Kungsliften (weather station + webcam)
Hemavan/Tärnaby (webcam)
Kittelfjäll (webcam)

Jämtland region mountains
Bydalen (webcam)
Åre/Duved (webcam)
Helagsfjället (weather station + webcam)
Nedalshytta (weather station + webcam)

Härjedalen region mountains
Dunsjöliften/Ljungdalen (weather station + webcam)
Ljungdalens by (webcam)
Vemdalsfjällen (webcam)
Lofsdalen (webcam)
Funäsdalsfjällen (webcam)
Ramundberget (webcam)

Dalarna region mountains
Storsätern/Grövelsjöfjällen (webcam) 
Idre (webcam)