Photo: Green Ribbon 2016


The registration fee covers a small part of the administration (website, support, etc.) as well as costs associated with various events as well as diplomacy. But for this you get ... (in some cases on display of the benefit-card in Cardskipper-app)

  • Tips, help and support you need in connection with your trip.
  • Provision of contacts to other peoples and other good actors.
  • Support needed to handle the emergency transmitter.
  • Invitation to a continuous recurring mountain meeting in Grövelsjön with other mountainers.
  • Stylish fabric patch - unique to just you as approved White or Green "Ribboner" - to put on eg The backpack or the finest jacket.
  • Your name put on a fine brass plaque, in the Hall of Fame at STF Grövelsjön Fjällstation.
  • Access to a fantastic network of equally amazing mountainers.
  • And of course a really well deserved and handsome diploma!
  • Link and opportunity to appear on both (this) website and (Ribbon) FB page and External.

  •  SILVA 30% on Silva's entire range. World-famous quality compasses, a given companion on all trips. But a good headlamp is also a life insurance. See the entire range on the web.
  • Lundhags 40% on their web. A brand with roots in the Jämtland mountain soil. Clothes, backpacks and not least market-leading boots and ski boots.
  • is a niche online store in lightweight, which in addition to 10% discount (at least, sometimes more) provides professional advice and service for you to find the best and lightest equipment for your trip.
  •  Ski dad offers a 20% discount on touring skis from Åsnes, ski boots from Alpina and Crispi and poles from Komperdell etc.
  • Outdoor Buddies 15% discount in their shop and web shop as well as the opportunity to advantageously rent equipment and also get it refreshed when you pass Åre.
  •  WOOLPOWER 25% warm base layers and mid-layer underwear. The best choice both winter and summer. Discount code is obtained upon registration.
  •  HESTRA 30% on their incredible range of gloves for all weathers. Discount code is obtained upon registration.
  • JEMTLANDER is a new Swedish pulka brand for expedition use. 20% discount on all produkts. Your only consideration is a few pictures and a test report. Discount code is obtained upon notification.
  • 30% discount on stunning mountainmaps from Calazo. Discount code is obtained upon notification.
  • 20% off Hilleberg high quality tents! Discount code is obtained upon notification.
  • 15% discount on SPOT emergency transmitter, via Kajaktiv. Discount code is obtained upon notification.
  • 25% discount on rental of satellit-messenger Garmin/InReach (or satphone) Fjällcom Satellite SOS. Discount code is obtained upon notification.

  • STF 50% discount on regular prices on accommodation in all STF mountain cabins. Valid during the ongoing Bandet tour (upon presentation of a card in the Cardskipper app you receive with registration and membership certificate in STF (not included)). Does not apply in STF's mountain stations, shops, tent fee or emergency rooms. Does not apply to STF´'s franchisees either. 
  • Free night in available accommodation and depot service on Gäddede Camping.
  • 20% discount on accomodation and served meals on Vålågården i Östra Vålådalen
  • Naturum LAPONIA at Stora sjöfallet offers depotservice and invites all green banders to Waffle and coffee, as well as guiding the world heritage.
  • 15% discount on accommodation and 'hikers breakfast' at Fjällnäs camping.
  • 10% discount on accommodation at Kallsedets Fjällcenter (camping or hostel).

  • Free membership in the Swedish Alpine club at the time of registration, with the opportunity to participate in both education, club tours and other mountain arrangements, as well as the fine magazine Fjället.
  • Adventure Medicine would like to increase the safety of your great adventure and therefore offers all prospective mountain hikers a 10% discount on their course "Mountain medicine".        
Subject to change, even during ongoing tour.