Photo: August Alvtegen & Svante Berg, White Ribbon 2014


The tour should be conducted along the mountain range and…

» With obvious environmental and nature consideration
» By your own power. Sled dog, horse or kite -like non motorized aids are allowed, but will be registered as such.
» In its entirety, without interruption (see more below)
» Without motorized appliance (except for the boat transfers crossing some mountain lakes between the trails)
» With InReach/SPOT transmitter/PLB (or equivalent) to carry out the tour as safely as possible
» According to the Swedish Right of Public Access and other regulations. Littering, scribbling, violation of reserve rules lead to    disqualification.
» From 2019 it is not allowed to begin the Green Ribbon after 15:th of August, of safety reasons.
» Submit a report via the diplomaform no later than two weeks after the end of the trip.

External support (e.g. transportation of food, equipment etc.) may not be received. Someone other than the walker/skier may not send out the deposits (of food etc.) onto the mountain. But, it is okay to let someone send out boxes to depots during the trip to limit the lying time. If the depot can be reached with normal parcel deliveries.

Food and equipment supplies to be sent out in advance may be sent by (Bussgods, friends/acquaintances etc.) to places the walker/skier will pass, but they have to be picked up by the walker/skier him-/herself. The same goes for additional equipment supplements (e.g. gasoline and fresh food at depots), which therefore also must be arranged by the mountaineer him-/herself.

Break due to illness/injury (of seriuos type) is approved, if the tour continues at the same place and without any unnecessary delay.

The tour can be conducted all year round.

The time of the trip is counted from date to date. Whole days. Not hours.


Tents and/or huts. At the depots the walker/skier is free to use any available suite ...

Start, route and finish

Grövelsjön or Treriksröset. At the start and finish the hand should be placed on the lodge door and on Treriksröset (the cairn).

The following points must be passed through or west of:

» Åre (The sign fore Årevillage)
» Håkafot
» Jäckvik
» Saltoluokta
» Nikkaluokta
» Torne Träsk, eastern tip

When the target is reached (or at the latest two week after) the walker/skier must report via the diplomaform.

Obligatory emergency transmitter

For safety reasons, an emergency transmitter is the only mandatory equipment required to carry out the White and/or Green Ribbon.

Registration fee

The registration fee for the Mountaineers White & Green Ribbon is 1.600 SEK and must be sent to us more than 4 weeks before start. BUT, you get 100 SEK in SUSTAINABLE DISCOUNT when you register read and answer some questions about the Swedish Outdoor Access Rights. Then you pay just 1.500 SEK. Contact us for more information about what is included in the fee and how you will recieve a well deserved diploma after fully conducted tour.
The registration is personal so as a couple or friends you have to register individual.
For those who have previously signed up and tried or completed one of the Ribbons, the registration fee is 1,300SEK.